Eco Heater 700 W

Eco Infrared Panel Heater

Eco infrared panel heaters are an electric heating system that uses infrared technology to heat a space. These heaters work by emitting infrared radiation, which is absorbed by objects and surfaces in the room, creating warmth. Unlike traditional heating systems, which heat the air, infrared panel heaters directly heat the objects and people in a room, making them a more efficient and energy-saving option.

Amazing Benefits of Eco Heater

Boost Your Immune System
Good choice for Allergy Suffers
Safe To Use Anywhere (Cold / Wet room)
Over Heat Resistance Heater
Energy Efficient Heater
Low Running Cost
Plugin to Use (Ready for Use)
Easy To Operate

Eco Heater
Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Controller

Smart / WiFi Thermostat Controller

  A Wi-Fi thermostat controller is a device that allows you to remotely control the temperature of your home using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and can be programmed to adjust the temperature automatically based on your schedule or preferences.

Energy Efficient

Eco Heater produces thermal mass, The heat is transported in a highly efficient and even way via light waves with a maximum efficiency of 100 %. The most efficient way of converting energy into heat.


24 Months Warranty

24 Months Guarantee is an agreement from the manufacturer confirming that they will repair or replace an item if something goes wrong within a certain amount of time after you buy it.


Free Delivery

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CE Marking
CE Certified

EU Standard

TUV cert
TUV Certified

EU Standard

Made In Germany

Made in Europe

Environamently Friendly

Energy Efficient

Best Selling Products

Convection-vs- Eco heater

360Β° Heat your Room

Eco (Infrared) heater directly heats the walls, floor, and ceiling with thermal mass. Once the thermal mass is warm, the building retains the heat for a period of time, so the heater only needs to be on top-up. There is the reason we called 360Β° Degree heater.

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We upgrade all our Night Storage Heaters to Eco Panel Heater saving Huge Money on our Electic Bills,

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Good quality heaters. No exposed elements or areas for dust accumulation. Economical and energy-efficient. Easy to set up/install.

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