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Eco – Friendly Heater

Eco Heaters produce Infrared (Radiated) heat. It’s 100% natural Heat. The warmth of the Sun on our Skin, Infrared heat. The soothing glow of an open fire Infrared heat. The warm feeling when we sit close to other people, Infrared heat is the reason that you can feel the warmth of the Sun on a Cold Winter’s Day. The Sun radiates infrared heat which travels unimpeded through space and warms the objects on the Earth, including Humans. The Sun doesn’t heat up the atmosphere as such but heats the objects that the Sun’s rays hit. Just like the Sun’s rays, Infrared heating panels can emit warmth which can Effectively and Efficiently heat people in an area much more energy efficiently, than conventional heating systems.

Eco Heater

Eco heater

The Eco Heater is a flat heating system, is more than a simple heating alternative. Whether in the Living area, Bedroom or used in the hobby room, whether as Ceiling or Wall mounting.  Due to its flat design, the Infrared Heating panel fits into the Living room almost inconspicuously, but the heating panel can also be individualised and thus become an Eye-Catcher in the room.

Thermostat Controller

The Thermostat Controllers to allow you to operate any ware in the world throw the Internet. You Controlled the Heater with Amazon Alexa, Apple Os and Google OS. The Thermostat allows the Temperature regulation of Heating units to be controlled between 5 ° C and 30 ° C in half-degree increments. For this purpose, the thermostat is simply installed between the heating unit and the socket, or wired and set the desired temperature. By means of its integrated sensors, the device measures the actual value of the room temperature and regulates the heating unit according to the desired set point.

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  • I Bought Four Heaters. Good Price & Low Running Cost.
    Compare to my Old Night saver Heaters. I’m paying my Bill Less than 60 %.

    Senior Occupational Therapist
  • Very Economical. Low Running Cost. No more Boiler Service.

    Karthikeyan Srinivasan