Eco Dehumidifiers of the Home Comfort series, you can ensure optimal humidity and a healthy, comfortable climate in your own four walls all year round.
Not only the right temperature is crucial for an ideal room climate, but also the optimal humidity. In heated living spaces, the humidity should not exceed the 60%
The optimal humidity for a healthy indoor climate is 50%. Values ​​above this encourage mould growth and can be detrimental to health. The mould spores are distributed in the room air, get into the airways, and, in the worst case, cause allergies.

Breathing also impairs the humidity in the living room, with exhaling, moisture is permanently released into the room. The more people live in a household, the faster the comfort limit of humidity is exceeded.

This is noticeable negatively in the bedroom, for example, where the 60% mark is quickly exceeded at night with the window closed. Here, however, a relaxing indoor climate should prevail; instead, excessive humidity promotes the formation and multiplication of mites..

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