Eco IR Panel Heaters and Smart / WiFi Thermostat Controller

Eco Heaters & Thermostat Controllers for Home and Office

Eco Heater High-Efficiency electric radiators usable as a flat heater, is more than a simple heating alternative. Whether in living spaces, in the spa area or in the hobby room, whether mounted to the ceiling or wall. Eco Infrared Heating Panel creates a multitude of application possibilities and leaves a good impression in every environment. Due to its flat design, the infrared heating panel adapts to the living environment almost inconspicuously, or it can be individualized and thus become the Eye-catcher of the room.
Eco Heater 700 W

IR Panel Heaters for Office and Home

Benefits About Panel Heater

Boost Your Immune System
Good choice for Allergy Suffers
Safe To Use Anywhere (Cold / Wet room)
Over Heat Resistance Heater
Energy Efficient Heater
Low Running Cost
Plugin to Use (Ready for Use)
Easy To Operate

Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat Controller for Heaters and Boilers

LCD Weekly Programmable Thermostat Controller

Operate by OS/IOS App
Temperature Controlled by Google Home / Alexa
Suitable for Floor/Electric/Gas Heaters and Hot water.
24 X 7 Programmable
Save  Up to 30% Energy Bills.
Easy To Setup
Maintain Room Temperature
Over Heat Resistance Heater
Easy To Operate
Large LCD Screen
Child Lock

WiFi Thermostat Controller

Energy Efficient

Eco Heater is not heated air. It produces thermal mass, The heat is transported in a highly efficient and even way via light waves with a maximum efficiency of 100 %. The most efficient way of converting energy into heat.


24 Months Guarantee

24 Months Guarantee is an agreement from the manufacturer confirming that they will repair or replace an item if something goes wrong within a certain amount of time after you buy it.


Free Delivery

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CE Marking
TUV Certified
Convection-vs- Eco heater

360° Heat Your Room

Eco (Infrared) heater directly heats the walls, floor and ceiling of a building with thermal mass. Once the thermal mass is warm, the building itself retains the heat for a period of time, so the heater only needs to be on to top up. There is the reason we called 360° Degree heater

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