Digital LCD Thermostat Controller


White Back Light display (Automatically turns off after no operation for 20 s)
Dual Temperature Display (Measured Room Temperature & Setting Temperature)
5 2 Programmable and Non-Programmable (Optional)
Low-Temperature Protection Functions: (Anti-Freezing)
Flame Retardant
Safe and Easy to Use (Cleaning)
Memory Function in case of Power-down
Keypad Locking Function is Designed to prevent the children from misusing


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Digital Thermostat Controller

Digital Thermostat Controller

Digital LCD Thermostat Controller. The full-featured heating thermostat adopts the latest appearance design and is applicable to the temperature control of the industrial, commercial and domestic rooms and is capable of controlling the carbon crystal heater, wall heater, Electrothermal film (Follower Heating), heating cable, carbon fibre, electric ball valve and other heaters to achieve the heating function.

Digital Thermostat Controller
Thermostat Controller
Digital Thermostat Controller

Technical Data

Power Supply: 230VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz
Maximum switch power: 3600W.
Maximum switch rating of 16A
Internal sensor setting range: 5 - 35°C (programmable)
Internal sensor measurement range: 0 - 40°C
External sensor measurement range: 0 - 90°C
Display Type: touch LCD screen, display area size: 60 x 45 mm
Inside Sensor: NTC B=3380 10k @25degrees Celsius
Extra Sensor: Length=3M NTC B=3380 10k @25degrees Celsius
Setting Unit: 0.5°C / step
Indication Accuracy: 0.1°C

Additional information

Weight0.17 kg
Dimensions8.6 × 1.3 × 9 cm
Technical Specification

Power supply: 220 V AC±10%, 50/60 HZ
Electric heating load: 16A
Self-consuming power: <1.2W
Internal temperature sensor: NTC
Room temperature setting range: 1-50° (default)(1590°adjustable)
Over heating protection setting range: 20-90° adjustable
(temperature controlled difference:-5°)
Temperature control precision: ±1°
Material:flame resistant ABS 30%PC material


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