Eco Radiant Heater


Infrared heating without preheating
Uniform and targeted heat distribution
Clean, free from condensation, odorless and without noise
No dust raising, therefore suitable for allergy sufferers
There heating levels, up to 2500 watts
There quartz elements
Splash proof, production class IP24
Suitable for wet rooms
Adjustable inclination angle
Suitable for wall mounting
Integrated suspension device
Energy efficient

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Eco Radiant Heater. Immediately after switching on, the modern  infrared heaters produce direct heat via infrared according to the natural principle of solar radiation. Unlike conventional heaters, infrared rays do not heat the air in the room, but solid bodies and objects that hit them, such as walls, floors and ceilings. On the skin solve infrared rays immediately a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Because the infrared radiant heaters convert a large part of the energy used into direct heat, they are particularly energy efficient compared to a hot air blower. The intensive heat is generated selectively and without preheating – clean, odourless and noiseless and allergy-friendly without any raising of dust. The infrared heaters are ideal for seasonal transition periods or as a standby heating solution: Be it in the bathroom, in the spa, above the baby changing table, at the workbench, in the hobby cellar, in the conservatory, under sunshades or awnings, on the covered terrace, in the gastronomy area, in tents or halls.

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