Eco panel Heater 580 watts

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Infrared Panel Heater
Boost Your Immune System
Safe To Use Anywhere (Cold/Wet room)
Over Heat Resistance
Energy Efficient
Easy To Operate
Plugin to Use (Ready for Use)
Easy To Install
Low Running Cost

Note: Maintaining Room Temperature option is also available when using Thermostat Controller (buy separately)

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Warranty: 24 Months

Eco Panel Heater Size
How to measure

The required Eco Infrared Panel heating output is calculated as follows (approximately): Area of ​​the room in m² x W / m² = required heating output in watts. Calculation example:5

For a room size of 10 m² with very good insulation quality and two external walls (50 W / m² + 10 W / m²), the recommended power requirement is 10 m² x 60 W / m² = 600 W.

Eco Panel Heater Size
Eco Panel HeaterSize WeightPer Hour CostGood Insulation Medium Insulation
Heater SizeLength /Width/ Hight In KgDay Unit (Inc VAT)Area CoveredArea Covered
300 wattsL 22 × W 60 × H 50 cm2.5 kg6 cent5 - 6 m²4 m²
450 wattsL 22 × W 60 × H 60 cm3.5 kg8.5 cent7 - 8 m²6 m²
580 wattsL 22 × W 60 × H 90 cm5 kg11 cent9 - 10 m²7 m²
700 wattsL 22 × W 60 × H 120 cm6.5 kg13 cent11 - 12 m²9 m²
900 wattsL 22 × W 60 × H 120 cm8 kg17 cent14 - 15 m²11 m²
1100 wattsL 25 × W 60 × H 120 cm9 kg20 cent 16 - 17 m²13 m²

Eco Panel Heater is a flat heating system, is more than a simple heating alternative. Whether in the living area, bedroom or used in the hobby room. whether as ceiling or wall mounting.  Due to its flat design, the infrared heating panel fits into the living room almost inconspicuously.


Eco Panel heaters are Wall mountable.

Eco Heater comes with a bracket enabling easy fix to the wall. Eco-panel Heaters give more space in your room/office.
Alternatively, you can buy a stand separately and leave it on the floor. Easy to fix the stand.

Eco Panel Heater
Easy To Install

Infrared heating systems are easier to install than other ‘wet’ convection systems – for instance, they run on electricity and don’t need a complex system of pipes or a boiler. There is also a lot more room for a better aesthetic design with many panels now being designed to either fit into furniture or hang from the wall as, for example, a mirror. Basically, an infrared heating panel can be incorporated into any part of a building.


24 Months Warranty

Eco Heater is covered by a warranty. The warranty period varies by heater type and application. Please refer to individual product details. The warranty is against defects in materials and workmanship (unless otherwise stated). Should a heater develop a fault within the warranty period which is due to defects in materials and workmanship at the time of manufacture.


Nationwide Free Delivery

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Eco Heaters Plugin To Use

Eco Panel Heater Easy to Operate.

Eco Heaters come with EU/UK adapter just plugin to socket to use. Whenever you need to heat up the room turn On/Off.
Alternatively buy a timer switch and set up heating time as you need.


Eco Panel Easy to Set up the Room Temperature.

Eco Heaters are easy to set up with thermostat Controller. Different types of thermostat controllers available

  • Programmable Thermostat Controller
  • Smart Thermostat Controller (Wi-Fi/Voice)
  • Manual thermostat Controller
  • Plugin thermostat Controller

You can maintain your room temperature with the thermostat controller.
Thermostat controlled sold separately.
Smart, Programmable and Manual Thermostat controller needs do be install by professional Electrician.

Plugin Thermostat Controller
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 95 × 5 × 60 cm
Technical Specification

TUV & CE Marking
Made in Germany


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